Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mr. Magoo cartoon "Surprise Party"

I'm not ashamed to admit, I love the Mr. Magoo cartoon and I own the DVD boxed set I have pictured above.  Why do I have to say I'm not ashamed to admit it?  Well, today's politically correct world  would have nothing to do with a character like Mr. Magoo.  You would think that the UPA animation studios were prejudice against people with poor visibility, and the whole Mr. Magoo character himself is based on the fact that he has poor eyesight.  There's also another reason but I wish to show you an old cartoon first (apologies to not being able to embed the actual cartoon in the blog).

 I'm assuming you have watched the cartoon.  Did you notice the one character Charlie speaking in a broken English accent?  This accent has been used by many animated studios when portraying characters of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean descent.  It's very typical stereotyping and of course, it would never work today.  This is an old print before many of the Magoo cartoons were dubbed with Charlie's voice being spoken to an American English speaking dub.  On the DVD set, many of the cartoons had Charlie's old voice but this cartoon has his dubbed voice.  Guess either the ones making the DVDs got too lazy and decided to use the copies from the old VHS tapes or they realized halfway through the editing that the old language wouldn't go well with many customers so they instead decided to use the dubbed voiced versions the rest of the way.  Either way, this is probably the only copy of this cartoon that has Charlie's original voice track, which is what I prefer.  Better to have the original mistakes of the times than try to go back and correct the errors of the past.

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